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Should Off Season Drug Testing be Required for Athletes?

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Now, we are not talking about performance enhancers, but restricted prescription and party drugs.

Should there be a period of time during off-season for athletes to let their hair down and undergo proper recovery without ASADA or other drug testing?

Melbourne Storm - Munster & Smith

It is unfortunately very well known that party drugs are part of high-profile sporting culture in Australia and around the world. It may be too large a mountain for drug testing agencies to control. In this case, the answer may be to have tolerance in some areas.

The argument could be had that full restriction of impulses could push people to further extremes. If athletes had designated times of the year where drug testing would not take place, it may reduce dramatically the illegal activity which happens during the season, as well as the controversy which comes with it. The temptation will no longer have the thrill it did before.

Take for example the players from two separate NRL teams caught with party drugs during mad Monday celebrations. Melbourne Storms Cameron Munster and Brandon Smith as well as, New Zealand Warriors rookie Reece Walsh we’re all caught up in the midst of scandals following the 2021 season. After-all, athletes find themselves in the height of their fame at the same time of their lives as many other 20-30 year old’s are out partying and enjoying life. Fame seems to take away this life experience.

Reece Walsh. (Photo / Photosport)

Does allowing controlled drug use open the door for athletes to justify athletes childish actions, or is this a genuine option to fix the issue?

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